August 12, 2019 Kym Graves

BLOG – Back to School Traffic and Driving Safety Tips

It’s the first day of back to school in the Tampa Bay area and that means more traffic on the roadways. The Selmon Extension construction team wants drivers to always use caution and don’t speed in the work zones. A few precautions go a long way toward keeping children safe:

  • Be on the lookout for school zone signals and always obey the speed limits.
  • When entering a school zone, always stop for school and public transportation busses that are loading or unloading people.
  • It is illegal to pass a school bus when red or amber warning lights are flashing. By law, you must remain stopped until all people are clear of the roadway and the bus is in motion.
  • A stop is not required when approaching a stopped bus from the opposite direction upon a divided highway of four or more lanes.
  • Watch out for school crossing guards and obey their signals.
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