January 29, 2018 Mellisa McColley

Blog – What is an Excavator?


Curious about what type of construction machine you’re looking at? Over the next few blogs you will learn about key construction machinery that probably will be used for the Selmon Extension.  There are too many to share, but we wanted to highlight the most common ones.

Excavators are used most often to shovel dirt or lift heavy pieces of materials. They are usually obvious on account of their long bucket arm attached to a cab which pivots.

The excavator was an extremely important innovation in the construction industry. With these new mechanical tools, builders were able to manipulate the landscape far more quickly and efficiently than they had even been able to before.

If there is any doubt in your mind at just how effective excavators can be when it comes to speeding along the construction process, the fact that they can do a job that is equivalent to as many as 20 manual laborers working on the same project should change your mind.

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