May 15, 2018 Mellisa McColley

Media Alert – Manhattan Avenue & Gandy Boulevard Changes Delayed Due To Inclement Weather

Media Alert
May 15, 2018

Contact Information:
Mellisa McColley, Project Information Officer


Due to inclement weather, the elimination of the inside turn lanes on Gandy Boulevard at Manhattan Avenue has been pushed back to early June.  These inside turn lanes will be eliminated during construction to allow contractors to complete the roadway widening in the area.  One turn lane in each direction will remain in place at this location.

In addition, a new traffic configuration was recently set in place for westbound Gandy Boulevard travelers wanting to turn into the boat ramp, as well as vehicles wanting to go back eastbound.

The new turn around configuration gives westbound Gandy motorists a dedicated left turn lane onto the Frontage Road to use Frontage Road to get to the boat ramp or the go back eastbound on Gandy Boulevard.  Graphics are included to show this traffic configuration.

As a reminder, one lane on both eastbound and westbound Gandy Boulevard between Westshore Boulevard and the Gandy Bridge will be closed each night between 9 pm and 6 am.  There may also be intermittent night time lane closures throughout the project limits. Through travel lanes will remain open during day time hours.

In an effort to keep the construction crews, and the traveling public safe, we want to remind motorists that the posted construction speed limit is 45 miles an hour.  Rumble strips were installed on eastbound Gandy Boulevard right after you cross the Gandy Bridge in an effort to slow drivers down heading into the work area.  Enforced speed enforcement will be in place in the signed construction zones. The fine for speeding in a construction zone is double the amount of a regular ticket.



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