January 22, 2018 Mellisa McColley

Quality Control

Our Selmon Extension Project team are trained, certified professional Quality Control Inspectors that reviews information from Pre-Construction to Post-Construction in every aspect of work.  They use effective electronic, written and photographic inspection techniques and provide complete and accurate documentation.

Our Inspectors evaluate every construction task from geotechnical work, drilled shafts, selection of equipment, tooling, concrete mix design, drilling methodology and more.  All Material certifications are reviewed to ensure they are current and active to ensure zero defects in delivered goods.

Total Quality Control is a commitment of the Selmon Extension Project and involves many elements. Design reviews to ensure safe and effective construction procedures are a major element. Other elements include extensive training and certifications for personnel and continually maintaining equipment.

Proper inspection requires not only technical expertise and knowledge of the materials and procedures to be used, but also sound judgment, diplomacy and good communication skills. All Contractor’s activity is inspected and documented.  Rest assured the Selmon Extension is being monitored and inspected to the highest level.

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