September 6, 2017 Sally Dee

THEA Investment Grade Traffic and Revenue Study

Download the THEA Investment Grade Traffic and Revenue Study

Jacobs is pleased to present this investment grade traffic and toll revenue study for the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA). THEA operates the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway (Selmon Expressway) which serves citizens of Hillsborough and the surrounding counties as they move through and within the Tampa region.

The analysis and the documentation herein follow a logical path from the existing conditions both from the view of the supply of transportation in the form of the roadway network and the demand on that transportation network in the form of traffic patterns, trends and characteristics to the future condition as population increases and transportation improvements are put into place to accommodate those demands.

The overall approach of the analysis is presented in Figure 1. The red boxes identify the data collection effort which includes traffic characteristics, socioeconomic data and transportation improvements in the region. The existing conditions data is the dataset against which the regional travel demand model is calibrated. The base year calibrated model is then used to forecast future traffic demand as a function of revised population and employment estimates. This future demand is used as input into the project specific traffic and revenue models for the existing Selmon Expressway and the proposed Selmon Expressway West Extension (Selmon West Extension). The final result is estimates of traffic and revenue by toll plaza for the forecasting period.

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Figure 1

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