January 4, 2018 Mellisa McColley

Utility Coordination

There are a lot of moving parts involved in the construction process, so planning is essential to a successful project. One of the biggest obstacles is often unseen because it’s located underground, utilities.

Locating and identifying the plethora of utility lines that are buried under our roads (gas, water, sewer, electrical, communication, fiber optics, drainage, and gas/oil pipelines) is extremely important to avoid potential disaster or huge delays later during more advanced stages of construction.

You would be amazed to see how much utility infrastructure exists, and how much has already been used and abandoned.  Believe it or not, often utility owners are not able to accurately locate their lines, confirm if they are still in use or even exist! Even though our contractors request a “locate request” for the utility to flag or mark the area where the lines exist we have found instances where the markers or flags are 3’ from where the line lives.

To avoid and interruption in utility services, we have our contractors out on Gandy Boulevard locating the underground utilities. Please, be patient with the utilities as they may have to have an intermittent lane closures that occurs with short notice.

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